Who’s Your Favorite Vendor at Lancaster County Dutch Market?

The Pennsylvania Dutch—actually descendants of Germans, not what we now know as the Dutch people—are perhaps best known for their cuisine and wider culture, largely inspired by the overlapping Amish community in and around Lancaster County. Their influence, and the meats, doughs, and classic Pennsylvania Dutch flavors that come with it, extend through the Delaware Valley and beyond, including right here in Germantown.

That influence is most concentrated, of course, at the Lancaster County Dutch Market, where you’ll find fresh, high-quality foods showcasing the region’s cultural flavors. From a warm pretzel or pretzel log at Lapp’s Pretzels to any of the more than 75 cheese options at Zook’s Cheese, you can fill your stomach and nourish your soul with warm homestyle favorites. 

A visit to the Lancaster County Dutch Market can become a whole-day affair between enjoying their offerings in-person and stocking up on treats to bring home. Mom’s Pantry, for example, focuses on salads and puddings, from potato, macaroni, and fruit salad to bread, banana, and dirt puddings. Pair those sides or desserts with some homemade kielbasa or other sausage from Lancaster County Meats, another vendor at the Market, and you’ll bring home a meal worthy of any PA Dutch table.