Don’t Skip the Side Dishes at Choong Man Chicken

If you’re a fried chicken lover, Choong Man Chicken is going to be a game-changer for your dinner rotation. This fast-casual spot is a fried chicken haven that’s been growing in popularity recently, with so many varieties you’ll have to visit more than a dozen times to try them all. The style is Korean fried chicken, so each bite is extra crispy and slathered in the best sauces around.

The specialty dish is the red hot pepper chicken, which is a gochujang hot chili paste sauce that is a staple in all Korean food. Try the tikkudak, which means the chicken is fried and then baked to give it an extra crisp. Other flavors include curry, garlic soy, and garlic spicy. Orders come with celery, carrots, and pickled daikon for free, but consider adding on some of the specialty sides as well – the fried calamari with red hot sauce is amazing.

The next time you’re looking to indulge in a tasty, but quick meal head to Choong Man Chicken – you can even order online to pick up on the go!