Pick Up Flowers, Doughnuts, Dinner and More at Dutch Family Market

Within the Lancaster County Dutch Market here in Germantown, you’ll find what feels like an exclusive hidden treasure with the Dutch Family Restaurant. Open for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll find Amish-style classics alongside go-to American dishes like burgers and chicken tenders. As one reviewer puts it, Dutch Family Restaurant is home to “Really good food! From really great people!” What more could you ask from a family-friendly, homestyle spot? 

Enjoy a meal at the Dutch Family Restaurant, featuring delicious choices like creamed beef on toast, chicken pot pie, or crab cakes, but be sure to explore the rest of the Dutch Market when you’ve finished—and leave room for some extra treats in the process. Head to Lapp’s Soft Pretzels for a meat-filled pretzel rod or take advantage of the free samples at Lapp’s Candies (and, of course, purchase some of your favorites). You can pick up some groceries and furniture as you head through the market, and maybe an assortment of doughnuts for the road (after a great meal and your other goodies, you might not have the room for Beiler’s Doughnuts while you’re there!). 

From produce and flowers to meats and salads, the Lancaster County Dutch Market is a one-stop-shop for all sorts of impressive treats, edible and otherwise.