Kick Off the Weekend With Takeout From Choong Man Chicken

Choong Man Chicken is known as one of the best Korean fried chicken places in Virginia, and now, it’s made its arrival here in Germantown. The owners have put effort into creating new recipes, and it shows: Regulars say the chicken is deliciously crispy and the sauces have memorable, unique flavors. 

Their signature item, tikkudak chicken, is fried and then baked in a charcoal grill to create extra crispy chicken with a smoky flavor. Guests can also choose from the original and snow chicken options, which come with a topping of thinly sliced raw onions covered in a sweet dressing. You’ll also be able to choose from a variety of sauces, including soy, garlic, curry, and the seriously spicy red hot pepper. Other menu options include fish and chips, jumbo shrimp, and curly fries.

The portions are huge and each serving feeds enough for two to three people. If you’re looking for a casual night out or want to order takeout and stay in, Choong Man Chicken is a great choice.