Enjoy Dinner and a Movie at Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas

Sitting back and enjoying a movie with a friend or family can be surprisingly therapeutic, especially when you add some good snacks into the mix. The only thing that can improve such a good time was if someone was serving you in a big comfy chair. If that sounds right to you, head on over to Cinepolis, which is turning home-bodies into theater and restaurant patrons every week for prices most luxury theaters don’t offer.

This theater, just opened in September, boasts an impressive, modern interior that’ll make you feel right at home. Unlike most movie theaters, Cinepolis has no concession stand; you take your seat in a luxury recliner and a server takes your order. The food comes out quick and hot, and if you’re in the mood for seconds, there’s a button on the chair to beckon your server. Cinepolis is a great spot for a date with a partner, as the seats come in sets of twos and the arm rests go up for optimum comfort!