There’s More Than Just Brews at Beer on Tapz in Germantown

While it looks like just your average liquor store from the outside, Beer on Tapz on Waters Road in Germantown is so much more. This spot is a fun place to hang out with a super casual vibe and great service. They have a bar with about 10 chairs and a handful of small tables spread throughout the space. On tap at any time you’ll find about 20 different beers, 8 wine varietals, and fridges stocked with more than 500 cans and bottles from breweries across the globe.

Happy hour is held daily from 4-7 p.m. with Sunday deals from 1-7 p.m. including $3-6 pours. On Friday nights you can find everything from karaoke and a DJ to live music depending on the week. Check the Facebook page for updates while the website is under construction. There isn’t food, but you can BYO or get food delivered at any time; they just charge you a $7 fee per person so keep that in mind when planning. Cheers!