Challenge Your Friends to a Game of Laser Tag at Shadowland

You never know who will be hiding in the shadows at Shadowland. This epic laser tag arena is the perfect friendly competition for a day out with family, colleagues, or friends. The way it works is each person is equipped with a bodysuit and a phaser. The bodysuit illuminates six different colors for opponents to hit and score; the phaser is your laser tag gun that helps you gain points as you move through the multi-level arena. Throughout you’ll also find “GEMs”, which are essentially targets that can help heal you and help you earn extra points, but if you don’t find them first, they will attack and have the opposite effect!

Head there on a Friday between 6 p.m. and midnight for happy hour. During this timeframe, you can participate in a laser tag adventure for only $6 per game and $1 slices. Standard pricing is based upon the number in your group and ranges from $8.50 to $21.00 per person for one to three games. If you have a group larger than 12, be sure to make a reservation, otherwise, you can just pop in and play!