Where to Keep the Kids Busy Near Millstone at Kingsview: My Gym

Any parent will tell you: Try before you buy is a must when you’re dealing with finicky toddlers and head strong little ones. That’s why My Gym in Gaithersburg offers a free class for first timers. But once your kids slide, bounce, and play the day the way, it will be hard to get them to leave. 

My Gym is a space that offers a variety of classes, camps, and parties to help little ones exercise, learn, and simply have fun. Your one-time lifetime enrollment fee of $75 (an additional $25 for siblings) allows you access to all My Gym locations nationwide, and is your ticket to age-appropriate classes, party space, and interactive camps. They have gymnastics classes and specialized sibling experiences, events like the Marvel Heroes Pizza Party, and much more. 

To see what kind of fun your child can expect, visit their website and punch in their age to see what My Gym has for them. Plus, you’re just in time to register for the All-Star Sports or Ninja Training Camp for four to eight-year olds this summer. Sign up now before space runs out!