Tone and Tighten Muscles at the Bar Method

Looking for a workout that’s sure to hold your interest and show you nearly instant results? Check out a class at The Bar Method. This popular barre workout facility channels classic dancers poses taught in ballet to tighten, tone and build muscle with small, precise movements. 

If this sounds interesting to you, stop in for a class to check out the friendly, welcoming teachers and the spa-like facility. The Bar Method has a sleek, minimal locker room that features luxurious sinks, showers and seating areas for before or after class. Once you try a class, however, you’ll spend all of your time at the barre perfecting the small yet effective movements. Regulars say that while the movements are challenging, it’s very easy to catch on to the sequence, even on your first visit. To sign up for a class or check out membership options, visit The Bar Method’s website.