Relax With a Bubble Tea at BoBaPoP Tea Bar

BoBaPoP Tea Bar, which just opened about one month ago in the Kentlands neighborhood, is a hip tea shop offering a variety of milk tea, bubble tea, fruit tea, and more. At BoBaPoP, they brew each drink fresh rather than pre-made ahead of time — your drink is completely made-to-order and customizable, even allowing you to choose the amount of sugar and ice. Try the unique Oreo Mint Milk Foam Tea, which is a tasty combination of creaminess, saltiness, and sweetness. For something fruity, the Strawberry Black Tea, Lychee Oolong, and Kumquat Winter Melon with White Pearls are all favorites.

BoBaPoP Tea Bar has a trendy interior with neon lighting, exposed white brick, and a painted mural of their mascot, a bulldog. There is a selection of comfortable seating both at tables along the wall and high top seating in front of the windows. BoBaPoP is conveniently located about four miles from Millstone at Kingsview.