Whip Yourself Into Shape at CrossFit Germantown Performance

Are you tired of trudging off to the gym, just to do the same old cardio and boring bicep curls? Hit the refresh button on your fitness routine and try the incredibly effective workouts at CrossFit Germantown Performance. 

There’s no fancy equipment or hard-to-master classes here. Instead, the coaches teach you how to use your own body to build muscle and increase overall strength and mobility. It’s all scalable, so your current fitness level really doesn’t matter; just get in to CrossFit Germantown Performance and get started on a road to your strongest personal you. Daily sessions start as early as 5 a.m., and there are also classes in the early evening if your workday is already full. Check out the class schedule online, and be sure to check out the movements page for a sample of the simple but impressive moves you’ll soon master.