Learn to Climb, Geocache and Bike With GO Adventures Team Building & Adventure Instruction

GO Adventures Team Building & Adventures Instruction in Darnestown specializes in experience-based training for both individuals and groups with ropes courses, rock climbing, caving, wilderness survival, and more. For team building adventures, consider the Ropes Challenge Course, which combines low ropes team building activities with the high adrenaline challenge of activities 20 to 50 feet above the ground. Another fun team activity is the GPS Geocache Challenge, which will send your team in search of clues and “caches” that will give you the tools to complete the Final Challenge.

For more solo adventures and instruction, GO Adventures offers a variety of excursions and classes to get you outside of your comfort zone. For novice riders and those with limited experience, the Introduction to Mountain Biking course will teach the basic skills to keep your rides safe and fun. Another popular course is the Recreational Tree Climbing program, which is designed to teach participants about equipment and techniques for safely ascending and descending a live and healthy tree. Sign up for your next summer adventure to learn basic skills for staying safe and comfortable in the great outdoors while having a blast.

Public Domain/Pixabay/RitaE