De-Stress From Head to Toe at Body and Brain Gaithersburg

The healers at Body and Brain know that you can't fix the body without also working on the mind. This body-brain connection is at the center of every holistic healing modality used at Body and Brain, from basic yoga to Tai Chi.

If you want to try something you won't find anywhere else, sign up for Meridien Stretching. This class is all about ousting every last ounce of tension from your body using stretching and breathing. The way that this differs from yoga is that you don't have to create any specific poses, but simply allow your own breath and body to guide you. It's a perfect way to de-stress regardless of your age or athletic ability. Energy Movement also seeks to bring the body back into balance, but in this case, it's by using energy-filled movements to awaken a sense of inner calm.