Crepes-A-Go-Go Brings Parisian Fare to Gaithersburg

Crepes-A-Go-Go evokes the streets of Paris with its authentic French eats. The crepes come in two varieties: sweet or savory. While the sweet crepes feature ingredients such as fresh fruit and rich chocolate, the savory crepes showcase stuffings such as grilled meats and seasoned veggies.

You have more than 70 options to choose from, so take your time poring over the menu. If you decide you're craving something sweet, try a simple crepe filled with only blackberries or blueberries. You can also go the indulgent route and sink a fork into a crepe oozing dark chocolate and banana, dulce de leche and strawberry, or almond powder, banana, coconut, Nutella, and whipped cream—AKA the King Samm. For those who want a savory crepe, order one filled with cheese and eggs, roasted veggies and feta cheese, or grilled chicken and pesto.

Public Domain/Pixabay/RitaE