Sink Your Teeth Into an Artisan Bundtlet at Nothing Bundt Cakes

Chocolate-chocolate chip. White chocolate raspberry. Lemon, carrot, and marble. At Nothing Bundt Cakes, these are a few of the flavors that delight the taste buds in the form of the namesake dessert. However, these bundt cakes probably don't look like the bundt cakes that you grew up eating.

The artisan bundt cakes come in a variety of sizes and are topped with thick tentacles of frosting that stretch artfully down the side of each confection. If you come into the shop looking for a small afternoon sweet, grab one of the Bundtinis or Bundtlets from the display case. The bite-sized Bundtinis are typically sold by the dozen, so when you find your favorite flavor, take a box back to the office. The Bundtlet is a little bigger than a cupcake, so enjoy your white-white chocolate or red velvet Bundtlet all by yourself. Nothing Bundt Cakes also crafts customized 8- and 10-inch bundt cakes, as well as tiered creations and Bundtlet towers for special events.