From Classic to Contemporary, Tokyo Sushi Asian Bistro Dishes Out a Full Spectrum of Sushi

Customers agree that the crown jewel on Tokyo Sushi Asian Bistro's menu is the Madness roll. Sushi chefs stuff it with spicy tuna and spicy yellowtail, then embellish the top with crispy salmon that packs some more heat. If you're a fan of fiery food, it's a can't-miss at Tokyo Sushi Asian Bistro.

The Madness roll is far from your only option, though. The eatery's menu is packed with a mix of classic and creative rolls, so there's something to suit every sushi lover. For traditionalists, there are options like the California roll, the spicy salmon roll, and the yellowtail roll. Sushi thrillseekers can still indulge in something unique without the heat of the Madness roll, like the Germantown roll. It features barbecue eel and cucumber inside with fresh salmon and avocado on top.