LA-Style Mexican Food Awaits at Tortacos in Germantown

The family behind Tortacos grew up in Los Angeles enjoying the authentic, hearty tacos that the SoCal city has to offer. When they moved to Maryland, they experienced a rude awakening: they couldn't find anything like the classic Mexican fare they'd become so accustomed to on the West Coast. The patriarch of this family decided this was unacceptable and, after about a decade of dreaming and planning, he and his family opened Tortacos in Germantown.

The clan continues to run the eatery and crafts everything from scratch, which is why the tacos, burritos, tortas, and other classic Mexican eats are all so fresh and authentic. When you come to Tortacos, start by picking your protein. Options range from chicken, pork, and steak to braised beef tongue and grilled tilapia. Then decide how you'd like the protein prepared, perhaps stuffed inside of a West Coast-style taco or loaded atop a burrito bowl.