Complimentary Bruschetta Kicks Off Every Meal at Family-Run Mamma Lena Pizza

If you just give Mamma Lena Pizza a quick glance, it might not look like much. The local pizzeria is small and tucked away in a shopping strip in Germantown. Don't let its size or location fool you, though; what Mamma Lena Pizza has to offer is fresh, authentic, and high-quality Italian cuisine.

You'll know that from the moment you bite into toast topped with house-made bruschetta, a starter that comes as a complimentary part of every meal at Mamma Lena. That should hold you over until the kitchen team can craft your chosen entree using fresh ingredients. There are more than 20 varieties of pasta on the menu, from spaghetti with meatballs to homemade gnocchi. You can also order a pizza, a hot or cold sub, or even a wrap at Mamma Lena Pizza, so there's something for everyone on the menu.