Zengo Cycle Kentlands: A Boutique Spin Studio in Gaithersburg

Spinning is a way of life at Zengo Cycle Kentlands, which is why they're able to offer an upscale fitness boutique experience that your traditional gym simply can't. Zengo Cycle's team focuses on the small details that make your workout perfect. For instance, they provide spinning shoes and water when you forget yours, they offer a secure locker space to stow your valuables (complete with a charger for your phone), and they always help newbies get set up on their bikes before class begins, ensuring that you're comfortable even if it's your first spin class.

The real magic happens when class gets underway, as the instructor pumps up a carefully curated playlist of up-tempo tunes. At this point, the lights dim and the stadium-style spin studio is shrouded in darkness, with only the instructor illuminated so that you can follow his or her lead. This soft lighting affords spinners some privacy to push themselves without missing out on the camaraderie of a group exercise class. You could burn up to 600 calories in a single spin, so it's definitely worth scheduling a class at Zengo Cycle—the first one is free!