Kids Can Learn the Importance of Exercise at My Gym

My Gym is a special fitness center designed with kids in mind. With its convenient location on Center Point Way in Gaithersburg, it's the perfect place to help your child stay active, burn off some extra energy, or celebrate a birthday party.

The experts at My Gym understand the best and healthiest ways to get your child moving, whether they are 6 weeks or 10 years old. Weekly classes use music, games, races, sports, and more to help young ones develop both their minds and their bodies. This is no average gym class; with low student-to-teacher ratios and carefully constructed programs run by caring, well-trained staff members, you can trust that your child will receive the attention he or she deserves in a safe environment. The wide variety of courses available here help to foster an appreciation for fitness and health in your child, which can help them live their best life later on.

Public Domain/Pixabay/422737