Discover Truly Beautiful Chocolate at SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier

Seeing the chocolates and elegant display cases at SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier will immediately give you a sense that these aren’t just your ordinary chocolates. Dozens of varieties include bonbons and truffles in inventive flavors like Jamaican rum pecan and orchid vanilla, as well as hot chocolate, gelato, and chocolate bars. Gift boxes are available, which make lovely gifts for fellow chocolate lovers in your life.

The real beauty is in the care that SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier takes in cultivating and processing their cacao beans. Their meticulous quality assurance is what makes their chocolate so special, and part of what earned them a ranking in National Geographic’s 10 best chocolate shops in the world. SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier is located in the Kentlands neighborhood and is open seven days a week. Visit the website to learn more about their cacao cultivation process, sign up for the chocolate bar club, or to see the chocolate collections available for sale.